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Issues with License Key/Subscription Renewal?

If your subscription has just been renewed or will be renewed on the current day and Illuminated Cloud is showing your license as expired, first please update to the most recent build using:

If you are still having trouble after updating to the latest build, you may deactivate and reactivate your license key from Illuminated Cloud | Configure Application under the About tab. Your registered license key may be retrieved using the copy icon immediately to the right of the license state.

And finally if you are still having trouble, contact Support and we'll help you to resolve the issue.

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Log a Bug or Enhancement Request

If you've found an issue with Illuminated Cloud or have an idea for a new feature or improvement, you can log a bug or enhancement request in Illuminated Cloud's public issue tracker.

When logging an issue, please include as much useful information as possible about the bug or enhancement including:

Contact Us

If you have an Illuminated Cloud question or issue that cannot be addressed by the options above, feel free to send an email and I'll make every effort to respond in a timely fashion.