Salesforce DX Support

Integrated Support for Salesforce CLI and CLI-Managed Orgs

Illuminated Cloud provides full support for the Salesforce DX development model right alongside development in traditional org types such as Developer Edition and Sandbox orgs. Common Salesforce DX CLI operations such as scratch org management and pushing and pulling source are integrated directly into the analogous Illuminated Cloud concepts. Scratch orgs appear as connections within Illuminated Cloud.

Illuminated Cloud is also aware of CLI-based connections to non-scratch orgs via OAuth and includes full support for creating OAuth connections via Web login flow and managing all established OAuth connections.

Scratch org creation is greatly simplified through Illuminated Cloud's Create Scratch Org wizard. Scratch org definition files can be loaded, edited, and saved for future use by Illuminated Cloud or the Salesforce CLI.

When working with scratch orgs, all standard metadata manipulation operationsdeploy, retrieve, delete, deploy-on-save, etc.converge on Salesforce DX's standard push and pull operations, though Illuminated Cloud's powerful metadata deployment, retrieval, and removal operations are still available when needed.

It's possible to configure exactly when a Salesforce DX push operation is initiated by Illuminated Cloud, including disabling the feature entirely so that pushes occur only at the user's discretion.

Illuminated Cloud can also be configured to log the exact commands used when interacting with the CLI and the results of those commands.

Illuminated Cloud is fully aware of the Salesforce DX project structure and metadata format including support for multiple source roots, e.g., test classes under a test source root separate from product classes, and metadata decomposition for composite metadata types.

All other Illuminated Cloud features work with Salesforce DX scratch orgs in the exact same manner as when used against traditional orgs.