Intelligent Source Code Generation

Let Illuminated Cloud Write the Boring Stuff

Illuminated Cloud includes several intelligent code generation features that remove the repetitive, manual onus of code generation and allow you to concentrate on solving the interesting problems.

For example, Illuminated Cloud can detect which methods from base classes and implemented interfaces have not yet been overridden or implemented in the current class and can generate valid local implementations.

Sketch Your Ideas and Illuminated Cloud Fills in the Details

When Illuminated Cloud cannot resolve a referenced type, method, field, or variable, it will highlight the issue and also provide a quick fix to generate a valid implementation of the missing declaration. This allows you to sketch out a skeletal interface and have the IDE create the actual required declarations in support of your ideas.

Restructure Existing Code

Illuminated Cloud can also help you restructure your existing code within surrounding language constructs, for example, a try/catch/finally block for exception handling or System.runAs() for unit testing.