Illuminated Cloud 1

Note that this page describes licensing details for Illuminated Cloud 1 only, and all usages of the term "Illuminated Cloud" with no version number refer to the Illuminated Cloud 1.x major version family. For information about Illuminated Cloud 2 and higher, please refer to this page.

Platform Support

Illuminated Cloud is supported on IntelliJ IDEA 12 and higher, both Community Edition and Ultimate Edition, and can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Illuminated Cloud can be downloaded from IDEA's plugin repository:

Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories...


Illuminated Cloud 1 is licensed under a perpetual licensing model and includes all updates within the 1.x major version family at no additional cost. Each purchased license key may be assigned to exactly one user. By default each license key may be activated on up to two workstationstypically for work and home usebut additional activations are available by request as long as they are used by only the single associated user. License keys may be reassigned at the owner's discretion as long as no sharing of license keys occurs. For additional details, consult the Terms and Conditions document provided below.

License keys can be activated within IntelliJ IDEA:

Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > About tab > Enter License Key... or Offline activation... if the workstation has limited network connectivity.

Enter the license key that was received in email and Illuminated Cloud will be activated. Note that the license is associated with the machine on which it was activated and must be deactivated before the license can be used on another machine. License deactivation can be performed in the same settings location, or you may contact Support to have a license deactivated for you if you no longer have access to the machine on which it was activated.


As of January 1, 2018, Illuminated Cloud 1 is no longer available for purchase. Please see the licensing and purchasing details for Illuminated Cloud 2.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the purchase and usage of Illuminated Cloud 1
(last updated November 5, 2021 for business address update and minor formatting changes)