Understand relationships

Illuminated Cloud maintains a broad understanding of the relationships between declarations and their usages. Not only are Apex usages tracked, but usages in other types of files are tracked as well, including usages in Visualforce and Lightning markup, Lightning client-side JavaScript, and XML usages. It's now trivial to find all usages of a particular declaration.

Navigate references

The entire Salesforce code base can now be easily navigated through this extensive set of reference relationships. With a single keystroke or mouse click, move to the declaration or any implementation of the current identifier. With the IDE's browser-like navigation capabilities, you can also easily backtrack your exploration.

Inspect structure

View the full structure of the current Apex class or trigger, Visualforce or Lightning markup file, or JavaScript, CSS, or XML metadata file. Illuminated Cloud can even show inherited members and inner type declarations of Apex classes.

Peek at definitions

With a single keystroke you can view the definition of the current identifier without any change of context.