Integrated API Documentation

System API Documentation

Illuminated Cloud integrates Salesforce API documentation directly into the editor. Documentation is provided for:

  • System Apex types

  • System SObjects and their fields

  • System Visualforce, Aura, and LWC components and their attributes

  • Visualforce functions and global variables

  • Aura functions and global value providers

  • Standard LWC type libraries

System Apex typesStandard SObjects and fieldsStandard componentsVisualforce and Lightning functionsGlobal variables and value providersJavaScript and TypeScript APIs

Custom API Documentation

Illuminated Cloud also supports authoring and viewing of custom API documentation for:

  • Custom Apex types via ApexDoc

  • Custom SObjects and fields via description metadata

  • Custom Visualforce, Aura, and LWC components and their attributes via description attributes and metadata

  • Custom JavaScript types via JSDoc/ESDoc

Custom Apex typesCustom SObjects and fieldsCustom componentsCustom JavaScript

Method and Function Parameters

Method and function parameter information is only a keystroke away including support for SObject constructor field initializers and functions in Salesforce markup expression languages.

ApexVisualforce and Lightning expression languages