Confidently and safely evolve your code base

With Illuminated Cloud's refactoring capabilities, it's finally possible to make broad-scale changes to your code base with confidence.

Simplify complex deployments

Illuminated Cloud even removes the complexities of renaming top-level Apex types and triggers by automatically detecting which metadata must be added, updated, and removed, and in which order, so that the connected organization is properly updated for the rename operation.

Write code faster and more naturally

Refactoring doesn't just assist with changes to existing code, but it also streamlines the creation of new code. Focus on the information you need to accomplish your task, then let Illuminated Cloud extract that into a variable, constant, or method for your usage, or inline a declaration at the point of usage if not needed elsewhere. You can even change the full signature of an existing method or constructor, including automatically generating a backward-compatible delegate signature to minimize the ripple effect on your code base.

Use existing code as a starting point

Use Illuminated Cloud's copy refactorings to duplicate your top-level Apex types and triggers, Lightning bundles, and Visualforce pages and components.

Safely remove unused code

Illuminated Cloud's Safe Delete refactoring determines whether a declaration has usages before removing it, avoiding dangling references as a result of an unsafe delete.