Log Analyzer

View logs for executed processes

Illuminated Cloud's powerful Log Analyzer not only allows you to review debug logs for executed processes in both raw and hierarchical execution formats, but it also organizes the information from those logs for deep analysis of the executed logic and consumed system resources.

Analyze precious governor-limited resource consumption

Log Analyzer includes pre-defined, pre-aggregated hierarchical views of a process' execution to help understand how, where, and why governor-limited resources are consumed by that process.

Perform deep analysis of resource consumption hotspots

Once Log Analyzer has helped to identify a governor-limited resource consumption hotspot, it also provides tools for understanding caller and callee patterns for the hotspot which can provide insights into and help identify options for resource consumption optimizations.

Configure debug levels and trace flags

Log Analyzer simplifies configuration of debug levels and trace flags for connected organizations. Expired trace flags can be renewed or removed in a single action as appropriate.