Static Resources and Bundles

Static resource management

Use the IDE's powerful Javascript, CSS, and other editors to manage your static resource content. Illuminated Cloud uses the appropriate editors for static resources based on the content type in the associated metadata file.

Static resource bundles

Illuminated Cloud allows you to manage the contents of archive-type static resources directly by converting them to static resource bundles.

Illuminated Cloud extracts the static resource archive contents into the file system. Contents can then be managed directly within the IDE using its powerful editors and directory management features. As static resource bundle contents change, Illuminated Cloud can be configured for seamless automatic deployment of the entire static resource with the latest contents.

Automatic deployment of static resource bundles can be disabled when working with large archives. Static resources can still be deployed explicitly using Illuminated Cloud's batch metadata deployment capabilities.

When metadata is retrieved, Illuminated Cloud automatically recognizes static resources that are managed locally as bundles and extracts them before presenting them for comparison.