release notes

Post date: October 28, 2021 9:53 AM

  • Issue 1969 - Added a new Force Validate action as a peer to the existing Force Save action that performs a check-only deployment of the selected metadata file(s). This action has been added to the pull-down and context menus, but it does not have a keyboard shortcut by default.

  • Issue 1973 - Prospective fix for a performance issue during metadata retrieval that has affected several users where there can be a long (for some users, egregiously so) delay after successful metadata retrieval before files are displayed for comparison or used to populate the project. The core issue seems to be due the way that the underlying JetBrains IDE processes external filesystem changes.

  • Issue 1995 - Changed the way that LWC tabbed editors behave for auxiliary bundle files. Sub-tab definitions are defined in a static manner, so previously IC2 had reserved banks of 20 each for auxiliary HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. Now it has a single reserved bank of 60 for auxiliary files of all three types. This better supports components with, for example, few (if any) auxiliary HTML or CSS files but larger numbers of auxiliary JavaScript files.

  • PMD Apex real-time code inspection improvements

    • Issue 1994 - Significantly improved error handling for the PMD Apex real-time code inspection. If the selected PMD distribution is invalid or incorrect, or if the selected ruleset XML file contains errors that prevent it from being parsed successfully, the user is notified and the inspection is automatically disabled to prevent a deluge of errors.

    • Added support for alternative PMD distributions such as the one installed by Homebrew where the distribution's jar files are not located under the top-level lib directory.

    • Added three new code intentions for issues reported by PMD Apex to assist with integrated ruleset configuration file management:

      • View rule - opens the selected ruleset configuration file at the reported rule.

      • Disable rule - disables the reported rule in the selected ruleset configuration file using an XML block comment.

      • Change rule priority - allows the user to select a new priority for the reported rule in the selected ruleset configuration file.

  • Updated the JSON schema for scratch definition files to require either edition or sourceOrg since those are mutually-exclusive properties.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.