release notes

Post date: August 19, 2021 9:13 AM

  • Issue 1944 - Continued to block support for JetBrains 2021.2 updates - The 2021.2 JetBrains IDE updates appear to have significant issues. I've filed bugs in their issue tracker for the ones I've found, but in the interest of keeping things stable, current builds of Illuminated Cloud 2 constrain the maximum allowed base IDE to be 2021.1.*. JetBrains has a 2021.2.1 patch in preview now with at least some of these issues fixed. Once JetBrains has released fixes for all of the issues that prevent stable use of Illuminated Cloud 2, I'll remove this constraint. If you'd like to follow the status, please keep an eye on Issue 1944.

  • Issue 1143 - Fixed an issue with the Apex extract variable refactoring when extracting an expression from an if / else if clause where the extracted variable would end up before the nested if instead of before the top-level statement.

  • Issue 1952 - Fixed an issue where the Add to Metadata Subscription action wouldn't do anything when the automatic subscription management policy is set to Never Update.

  • Issue 1956 - Added hyperlinking support for Stacktrace:Class/Trigger.* in logged output.

  • Issue 1957 - Improved the declaration details displayed when using Ctrl/Cmd + Hover.

  • Issue 1958 - Constrained the log level preset combo-box width so that it fits the contents exactly, resulting in a slightly lower minimum window width requirement for host views, specifically the Apex unit test and offline debugger run configuration dialogs. NOTE: This only allows it to display properly in some slightly less wide windows. Those views will still truncate horizontally in windows are smaller than required to display the full log level configuration component. Addressing that will require a more significant layout change, so I'd like to hear from users with that issue what resolutions/widow sizes are being used.

  • Issue 1959 - Partial fix for an NPE that could occur when trying to correct a malformed LWC error in CLI deployment JSON results. The exception will now be properly handled, but I'm still hoping to get an example of the underlying result entry so that I can provide a proper fix.

  • Issue 1961 - Fixed an issue that could result in incorrect resolution of instances of system types in implicit namespaces (i.e., System and Schema) when a local class of the same name exists.

  • Fixed a regression in the incomplete concrete class code inspection introduced a bit back where it would never detect/flag such problems.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.