release notes

Post date: August 2, 2021 10:42 AM

  • Issue 1944 - Continued to block support for JetBrains 2021.2 updates - The 2021.2 JetBrains IDE updates appear to have significant issues. I've filed bugs in their issue tracker for the ones I've found, but in the interest of keeping things stable, current builds of Illuminated Cloud 2 constrain the maximum allowed base IDE to be 2021.1.*. Once JetBrains releases fixes for these issues and I've confirmed that IC2 works well under 2021.2.*, I'll remove this constraint. If you'd like to follow the status, please keep an eye on Issue 1944.

  • Issue 1948 - Fixed an issue with SOQL query row count validation (and therefore query execution) when the query editor includes content before the query to be executed.

  • Added an SVG logo image for the plugin repository and marketplace.

  • Updated some rasterized images to instead use SVGs for better rendering at various resolutions.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.