release notes

Post date: July 22, 2021 9:50 AM

  • Issue 1932 - Improved the XSD entries for LWC component meta.xml file targets and targetConfigs elements for improved code completion and validation.

  • Issue 1936 (partial) - The Apex trigger creation dialog now adjusts the SObject type selection combo-box width to accommodate the longest SObject type name.

  • Updated the illegal assignment code inspection to detect and flag overridden methods and abstract/interface method implementations which change the return type in an incompatible manner. When this situation is detected, a new code intention/quick fix is provided to correct the return type.

  • Evidently Object.equals and Object.hashCode can be redeclared in custom classes with incompatible return types in which case they are not actually considered overrides of the base class methods. When this situation is found, IC2 no longer adds an override relationship reference.

  • Made aria-* attributes more strongly-typed so that code completions and validation are provided for those that are of an enumerated, boolean, or numeric type.

  • Added RemoteAction as an allowed identifier name.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.