release notes

Post date: July 13, 2021 11:36 AM

  • Issue 1918 - When a debug level or trace flag is created, the corresponding new table row is scrolled into view immediately.

  • Issue 1927 - Significant improvements to the bundled LWC standard component library, both in HTML and in JavaScript:

    • IC2 now includes proper TypeScript class definitions for the standard component classes for import into ES6 modules. These class definitions include all properties and methods, and properties with complex data types–either known object schema or known allowed values–are defined as such.

    • Code completions are now offered for attributes with known allowed values in HTML.

    • Numeric, boolean, and enumerated type attribute values are now validated against their data types in HTML.

    • Updated the standard component library, in particular updating attributes' required designation based on the latest published documentation, though also added some missing attributes and methods.

    • Added support for LWC component inheritance when used with a commercial JetBrains IDE (i.e., not a Community Edition IDE). This ensures that when extending an existing LWC component, inherited component attributes are available for code completion, reference resolution/navigation, validation, and quick documentation.

  • Sincere thanks to Xander Victory for suggesting many of these changes and helping validate them as they were implemented!

  • Improvements to the HTML formatting used in rendered quick documentation and OST field header documentation comments.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.