release notes

Post date: June 3, 2021 10:48 AM

  • Release notes are now displayed in a balloon notification once after each Illuminated Cloud 2 plugin update. You may very well be reading this in just such a notification now!

  • Issue 1909 - Companion/related files, e.g., supporting meta.xml files, were only being removed along with primary metadata files when Deploy on save is enabled. Now they're removed properly even when that feature is disabled.

  • Added concrete data types for many (>2000) fields of types in the ConnectApi namespace that are otherwise reported by the Salesforce Tooling API as untyped/Object. In the absence of another canonical source, these fields' data types were derived the Salesforce documentation, but unfortunately not all types in that namespace are documented. As a result there are still many, many fields that remain untyped because there is no good way to determine their proper data types. I consider this a glaring omission in the goal for a high fidelity SDK for Salesforce Apex development, so in a future pass I may try to use the actual Apex compiler itself to discern data types for the remaining fields.

  • Prospective fix for a cache consistency issue that could result in a stale cached virtual file when a file is removed and then recreated at the exact same path.

  • Other related fixes and enhancements.