release notes

Post date: May 20, 2021 1:54:28 PM

  • Issue 1891 - Fixed an issue with the module subscription editor that could result in falsely reporting that wildcard metadata types' contents had changed after refreshing the list of server metadata. Also fixed an issue with the inclusion of local-only metadata in the list.

  • Fixed an issue with line commenting in SAQL files. This appears to be a JetBrains IDE bug as any nominal change to the file type, even if reverted, works around it. Line commenting/uncommenting with Ctrl+/ (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+/ (Mac) should now work consistently, though.

  • Explicitly designated the IC2 plugin as requiring an IDE restart upon update. This should already be the case, but the JetBrains IDE's dynamic plugin handling seems to be trying to treat it as dynamic...until it doesn't...which potentially results in some plugin components getting into a bad state, e.g., at least two users have reported the loss of native connections immediately after a plugin update. This has been reported to JetBrains as IDEA-269474.

  • Removed an incorrect validation rule in the module subscription editor that could block saving of changes when in a valid state.

  • When a source-tracked org push/pull operation results in reported conflicts and the user elects to repeat the operation with the force flag set, the first operation's results are now cleared before repeating the operation.

  • Other related fixes and enhancements.