/ release notes

Post date: May 13, 2021 1:53:17 PM /

  • Issues 1865 and 1882 - Touched up the grammar rules for anonymous Apex statements and declarations based on some valid examples that weren't being accepted by the parser.

  • Issue 1867 (redux) - Excluded Salesforce ID hyperlinks from occurrence navigation.

  • Issue 1883 - Added getRecordNotifyChange to lightning/uiRecordApi.

  • Issue 1884 - Added support for the sourceOrg scratch org definition property.

  • Issue 1885 - Added the missing SharedActivities scratch org definition feature.

  • Issue 1887 - Implemented a few optimizations and fixes for the Log Analyzer's log configuration dialog, in particular the user and Apex class/trigger drop-downs for orgs with large numbers of these objects. Canceling the dialog now works properly, and now only active users are loaded. The query to load users no longer uses server-side sorting by name and instead sorts the result set locally. This seems to have helped with loading of extremely large numbers of users, primarily for orgs with huge communities/portal user populations.

  • Removed the org preferences tab from the scratch org creation dialog. If/when a scratch org definition file is loaded that contains org preferences, the user is informed that they are no longer supported and that saving the dialog will remove those entries.

  • - Fixed an overzealous validation in the module subscription editor for modules that use an OAuth connection.

  • Other related fixes and enhancements.