release notes

Post date: May 06, 2021 3:15:26 PM

  • Issue 1844 - Fixed an issue with All/Package metadata subscriptions where local-only metadata files would not be included in the deployment build options dialog.

  • Issue 1848 - Fixed an issue with Apex code coverage that could occur when an Apex class and trigger have the same name. Note that this required a change to the format of generated coverage reports such that classes and triggers are now segregated from one another as namespace.classes and namespace.triggers respectively.

  • Issue 1865 - Fixed a few issues with the Apex parser's support for anonymous Apex scripts that include a mix of statements and type/body declarations.

  • Issue 1867 - Salesforce object IDs are now hyperlinked in all console views. Clicking on a hyperlinked object ID will open that object in the associated organization if a connection can be directly inferred for the console view, e.g., unit test execution results and the Anonymous Apex/SOQL Query/Log Analyzer tool windows. If a connection cannot be inferred, a connection selector will be displayed from which the user can choose the organization in which the ID should be opened.

  • Issue 1876 - Added a workaround for a Salesforce CLI issue where a retrieved LWC bundle's meta.xml file would be named for the CSS file and not the JS file. The underlying issue is being tracked by Salesforce in the CLI's public issue tracker here.

  • Issue 1877 - Added the missing unpackagedMetadata property/object to the JSON schema for sfdx-project.json files.

  • Other related fixes and enhancements.