release notes

Post date: May 03, 2021 3:43:27 PM

  • Issues 1857 and 1864 - JetBrains has released 2021.1.1 patches for these two issues in their 2021.1 releases. The workaround for the conflict with Python/Docker has been removed, and it should be safe to have those two JetBrains plugins installed and enabled alongside Illuminated Cloud 2. Please make sure to update to the latest base IDE release ASAP to take advantage of these fixes.

  • Issue 1843 - Installed unlocked packages with namespaces are now treated identically to installed managed packages with regard to which org metadata can and cannot be included in metadata subscriptions, deployed, retrieved, removed, etc.

  • Issue 1853 - Added a new toolbar button to the Anonymous Apex tool window to toggle whether or not the executed script is echoed into the output page. For backward-compatibility, this is enabled by default.

  • Issue 1870 - Added a proper type definition for NavigationMixin to the LWC lightning/navigation module. Massive thanks to Charlie Jonas for lending his TypeScript know-how to ensure a proper definition. Note that PageReference is still loosely-typed due to what seem to be limitations in the JetBrains TypeScript/ES6 features. I'll log a bug with them with a specific example of the issue and, once it has been addressed, I'll provide a strongly-typed version of PageReference and its page-specific variants as well.

  • Issue 1872 - Fixed a metadata retrieval issue that could occur in source format projects with a configured package directory named unpackaged.

  • Updated the LWC system type definitions based on the latest from Salesforce.

  • Added quite a few missing elements and attributes to metadata.xsd based on observed resolution issues in OSS-based smoke test projects.

  • Fixed issues with JavaScript and LWC import code completion in 2021.1+ Community Edition IDEs.

  • Other related fixes and enhancements.