release notes

Post date: Apr 22, 2021 3:38:22 PM

  • Issue 1838 - Fixed an issue with refresh and retrieval-without-merge of bundle-type metadata—static resource, Aura, LWC, Wave, and experience bundles—not properly updating the local copy for some additions and removals.

  • Issue 1842 - Fixed an issue that could result in deployment, retrieval, and removal actions on decomposed metadata types including metadata objects under the same parent that weren't actually included in the contextual selection.

  • Issue 1859 - All first-class metadata creation actions—Apex classes/triggers, Visualforce pages/components, Aura/LWC bundles, and static resources—now perform project-wide name conflict detection.

  • Issue 1866 - BusinessHours is very similar to Site in that it exists in both the Schema namespace as an SObject and in the System namespace as a utility class. Added the same type resolution logic for that type as for Site.

  • Added a new Apex code inspection, Invalid type, that reports declarations with incorrect types, specifically variables and fields declared as void.

  • Other related fixes and enhancements.