release notes

Post date: Apr 15, 2021 2:49:1 PM

  • Issue 1147 - Fixed an Apex parser issue with ternary expressions when the true branch is an assignment expression. This also fixed an issue with proper associativity of nested ternary expression branches.

  • Issues 1627 and 1799 (likely others) - Fixed all known issues with resolution of ambiguous type names for which the intended type must be derived contextually, e.g., System.Site and Schema.Site which both exist in implicit namespaces and may be referenced as simply Site. In order to do this properly, I finally corrected a long-standing issue with the layout of non-namespaced SObject stub classes in the OST by moving them from the root/empty namespace into the Schema namespace.

  • NOTE: This requires that all OSTs be regenerated as the associated type resolution fixes depend on this relocation of SObjects with no explicit specified namespace. Failure to do so will result in issues with code completion, reference resolution, and code inspection false positives where references to these types are found. I apologize for requiring regeneration of all OSTs, but in this case it's motivated by a change to the OST that correctly represents the underlying SObject type system.

  • Issue 1863 - Fixed an issue with camel cased-to-kebab-cased conversion of names containing multiple adjacent capital letters.

  • Related to the OST change above, the module validation notification now provides more detailed information when an OST is found to be out-of-date. It now includes descriptions of the actual changes to the OST and the relative importance of regenerating the OST based on each of these changes. For example, changes that enrich or slightly correct the OST but wouldn't likely affect most users result in recommended OST regeneration; those that fundamentally change the OST layout such as the one in this update to reorganize certain SObjects into the Schema namespace result in required OST regeneration. This should help users to understand the impact of regenerating vs. not regenerating their OSTs after taking an update that results in this type of module validation notification.

  • Fixed an issue that would result in unmodified loaded scratch org definition files being written, possibly resulting in the file being reformatted.

  • Other related fixes and enhancements.