release notes

Post date: Apr 01, 2021 5:32:39 PM

  • Issue 1127 - Fixed a corner-case issue in type inference for ternary expressions where one of the true/false expressions evaluates to List<SObject> and the other to List<ConcreteSObjectType>; the total expression should evaluate to the latter.

  • Issue 1627 - Fixed an issue with type resolution for certain system SObjects with unqualified names that are the same as those of system Apex types in implicit namespaces, e.g., Schema.Site and System.Site.

  • Issue 1799 - Fixed a bug that could result in incorrect or missed resolution of a composite type name due to the original point of reference not being properly propagated.

  • Issue 1828 - The unsubscribed metadata deployment prompt now allows the user to apply the choice to all unsubscribed metadata in the current deployment request. The prompt's last applied state is also remembered across deployments.

  • Issue 1832 - A few more fixes based on issues found in the NPSP project including:

    • Fixed an issue with improper translation of namespace: qualifications in markup files.

    • Fixed an issue with identification of the proper module when creating a scratch org in the context of a project that has a sfdx-project.json file but isn't completely an SFDX project. This could result in the force:org:create command running from a non-project directory and therefore not properly using the sfdx-project.json file.

  • Issue 1856 - Prospective fix for an NPE observed by a user during OST generation, presumably because of unsynchronized population of a collection in a multi-threaded environment. I've made the collection synchronized and also added exception handling so that even if the problem still occurs, it won't kill OST generation.

  • Added an error filter to remove CSS parser errors when braced expressions are used in LWC HTML files to specify values for HTML style attributes.

  • Fixed an issue with the reported suffix for custom page web link metadata. It's reported as weblink by the API but should be custompageweblink.

  • Changed the file type for the *.networkBranding pattern from XML to JSON.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.