release notes

Post date: Mar 11, 2021 7:39:43 PM

  • Fixed an issue with how compile-time constant expressions of the form Schema.sobjectTypeName.fieldName are evaluated. In the process I actually implemented a number of additional fixes and (hopefully) optimizations in how simple reference expressions are evaluated for reference targets.

  • Prospective fix for the long-standing issue that would result in resolution to the OST stub version of an Apex type that is also available as local source.

  • Added support for code completion and reference resolution of field sets that aren't present in the local metadata by rendering the field set information into the OST. The OST must be regenerated to see the effect of this change.

  • Added missing metadata type information for feature parameters. Feature parameter metadata should be fully-supported now. If any gaps are found please report them via the public issue tracker.

  • Added missing allowed top-level element types for decomposed object translation metadata to the XSD used for validation and code completion of XML metadata files.

  • Added an optimization to avoid scanning the classpath for VF and Aura XSDs for project namespaces.

  • Fixed an issue that could result in an invalid path for referenced static resource bundle contents when the relative path in the reference starts with a leading slash (/).

  • Fixed an issue where plugin verification would fail and cause the Illuminated Cloud 2 plugin to be disabled in the upcoming JetBrains 2021.1 IDE releases.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.