release notes

Post date: Feb 18, 2021 7:10:0 PM

  • Issue 1817 (redux) - The fix for this issue in the last build introduced a small regression that could cause type code completions to fail in certain situations. This resolves that regression while retaining the original fix.

  • Issue 1825 - Added a notion of a local breakpoint to the offline Apex debugger distinct from the existing server checkpoint-based breakpoint. Enabled local breakpoints cause the offline debugger to suspend execution but have no effect on the server execution of the process nor are they limited in number. Server checkpoints are still limited to a maximum of five based on Salesforce API restrictions. When adding a breakpoint to Apex source, the user is now prompted as to which type should be added.

  • Issue 1826 - Provided better result set size validation handling for queries with an existing GROUP BY clause containing the Id field. Made result set size validation not stop actual query execution when its mutated query execution results in a MALFORMED_QUERY error.

  • Fixed qualified variable name presentation in the offline Apex debugger's variables view for values from heap dumps.

  • Fixed navigation from qualified variable names in the variables view to the corresponding source declarations.

  • Minor cosmetic improvements to the server checkpoint properties dialog.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.