release notes

Post date: Feb 11, 2021 3:59:44 PM

  • Issue 1808 (redux) - Fixed several issues with the Create Unresolvable Declaration code intention.

  • Issue 1813 - Fixed several issues that could occur during metadata operations when the local and server metadata names have a case mismatch.

  • Issue 1815 - Made all compile-time constants for SObject types and fields navigate to the respective type or field declarations. Some of these constants actually resolve to other data types, e.g., Schema.DescribeSObjectResult, Schema.DescribeFieldResult, and Schema.SObjectTypeFields, and must do so for type inference, variant code completion, etc., to work properly. Now references that resolve to those other metadata types will navigate to the expected SObject type or field respectively. The syntax annotator has also been updated so that these types of SObject field references are highlighted as fields.

  • Issue 1817 - Fixed an issue where the type parameter of a System.List or System.Set collection would not be propagated to and through calls to the respective iterator() methods.

  • Issue 1818 - Made SObject fields named ChangeEventHeader that are reported by the Salesforce API as type COMPLEXVALUE render as type EventBus.ChangeEventHeader. The OST must be regenerated to see the effects of this change.

  • Issue 1821 - Added PlatformEventUsageMetric to the list of objects for which SOQL query row count validation should not be performed.

  • Implemented several Apex code completion fixes and improvements, specifically around declaration data and return types.

  • Added an Apex deprecated API usage code inspection that displays usages of @Deprecated Apex symbols as deprecated (by default, in strikethrough).

  • Added declaration annotations to rendered ApexDoc. In the process I also implemented minor cosmetic improvements to rendered ApexDoc to be more consistent with recent updates to JavaDoc in the base IDE.

  • Fixed an issue with references and code completions in LWC braced expressions that are a subset of a larger contiguous (i.e., no intermediate whitespace) HTML block.

  • Provided more flexibility for when certain LWC file creation actions are enabled, in particular directory creation and, within subdirectories of LWC bundle directories, HTML and CSS file creation.

  • Added missing SFDX scratch org features. There will be more of this work in the upcoming Spring '21 / API v51.0 update.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.