release notes

Post date: Jan 28, 2021 3:56:32 PM

  • Issue 1792 - By default Illuminated Cloud will automatically regenerate the appropriate SObject OST entries on successful deployment of object and field metadata. This can now be disabled if desired by unchecking Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Validation and Deployment > Behavior > Update offline symbol table on successful deployment.

  • Issue 1793 - Fixed all known issues with symbols in the system CommercePayments namespace. The OST must be regenerated for these changes to take effect.

  • Issue 1798 - Fixed an Apex/SOQL parser issue with bind expressions used as values for the SOQL DISTANCE function.

  • Issue 1801 - The Salesforce Spring '21 update seems to have introduced a regression in deployment via the Tooling API that can result in an INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY error. I am currently working with Salesforce support and engineering to reproduce, diagnose, and hopefully fix this issue, but this build includes a workaround where such a failure will be retried up to five times before completely failing the deployment request. The INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY error seems to resolve itself within an attempt or two after which the deployment request proceeds as normal, though the failed attempts appear to take approximately ten seconds each. This workaround should keep deployments from failing outright, but if you're experiencing long deployments via the Tooling API, you can instead switch to the Metadata API by unchecking options under Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Validation and Deployment > Prefer Tooling API for.

  • Issue 1808 - Fixed an issue that kept the Create ... declaration context action from being offered for an unresolvable reference when there's a previous non-reference expression in a composite expression.

  • Issue 1810 - Fixed an issue with finding/reusing an existing OST for a connection where the sanitized form of the connection name is different from the raw form of the directory name.

  • Issue 1812 - Partial fix for a slow performance issue during metadata retrieval observed by at least one user. The remaining issue seems to be related to a recent change in the JetBrains plugin SDK that is being tracked here.

  • When attempting to run Apex unit tests against a connection that is not associated with the current project, by default the user is now prompted whether to continue as-is, configure the Apex unit test run configuration so that a different connection can be selected, or cancel the test run. This behavior can be disabled if desired by unchecking Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Unit Tests and Code Coverage > Unit Tests > Prompt when executing tests against non-project connections.

  • When running an Apex test class/method for log-based debugging or profiling, any existing matching run configuration is checked for whether it already has sufficient log levels for that type of analysis. If not, the user is prompted to choose a log level preset as appropriate.

  • Fixed an issue with resolution of module validation issues that would require OST regeneration in some situations where an OST is already present and up-to-date for the selected connection.

  • Fixed an issue with Apex variant code completions when used in an assignment expression within an invocation argument list, most often an SObject constructor with field value initializers.

  • When an Illuminated Cloud Problems tool window tab is closed, all errors reported in that tab are now also cleared properly.

  • Fixed several system data types that should be represented in the OST as enums but were instead rendered as classes. The OST must be regenerated for these changes to take effect.

  • Fixed an issue with the (un)comment line/block actions in SAQL files.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.