release notes

Post date: Dec 17, 2020 4:44:1 PM

  • Issue 1464 (redux) - Implemented another fix for the visibility used when implementing methods, specifically when implementing a global visibility method in a private class. The correct visibility is public.

  • Issue 1776 / Native Mac M1 Support - Updated the embedded licensing software to a version that supports Apple's new M1-based Macs. When used with with the early access builds of JetBrains' IDEs (currently only IntelliJ IDEA) available in their corresponding issue tracker entry, this provides a native version of the IDE as opposed to emulated under Rosetta 2. NOTE: This is to be considered beta right now due to the early access nature of the base JetBrains IDEs. Please report Illuminated Cloud 2-specific issues to issue 1776 and more general JetBrains IDE issues via their issue tracker.

  • Issue 1777 - Fixed an issue querying BigObjects and other types of system SObjects that do not support query aggregates.

  • Issue 1786 - Provided a workaround for an issue encountered by a few users where calls to the PartnerApi.getUserInfo SOAP API result in a GACK (internal server error). This can manifest in several ways, but ultimately they all lead back to that failed API call. I have reported this to Salesforce as it appears to be a regression in Winter '21. The workaround is to get the same user information via a SOQL query against the User system SObject instead.

  • Added code folding support for custom label expressions in Apex, Visualforce, and Aura. When folded, the corresponding message catalog value is shown instead of the Label.<labelName>, $Label.<namespace>.<labelName>, or even {!$Label.<namespace>.<labelName>} expression, and is shown quoted as appropriate for the usage. This is disabled by default but can be enabled in Settings / Preferences > Editor > General > Code Folding under Apex > Custom labels (Apex | Visualforce/Aura).

  • Updated the modifier agreement code inspection to flag types with protected visibility as invalid.

  • Improved test execution behavior when the tests listed in a run config aren't actually found and/or executed. Now the user is explicitly told about the former and tests are not executed, and in the case of the latter, no attempt is made to find a matching log as none would have been generated.

  • Implemented what I hope to be a solid fix for a re-entrant indexing issue.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.