release notes

Post date: Dec 10, 2020 4:0:13 PM

  • Issue 1770 - Fixed an issue with as-you-type formatting of partially-formed comma-delimited lists, e.g., method formal parameters, invocation arguments, SOQL IN clause value lists, etc.

  • Issue 1778 - Code completions are now prioritized holistically based on how well they match against the existing prefix string. Case-sensitive starting matches are prioritized highest followed by case-insensitive starting matches and case-sensitive content matches followed by all other completions. Within each group, completions are prioritized as originally specified.

  • Issue 1779 - Enhanced Apex parser recovery when writing a local variable declaration statement above other existing statements.

  • Restored support for SOQL language injection in Apex string literals and concatenated string literal expressions and for regular expression language injection in Apex concatenated string literal expressions (single string literals were already supported).

  • Added Walkthroughs as an allowed Salesforce DX scratch org shape feature name.

  • Added an exception to the illegal assignment code inspection for assignment of SObject to FieldDefinition. This exception is currently a bit too broad as it should only happen when the value is the result of a call to EntityDefinition.getSObject*(), but in the absence of comprehensive analysis of how/where values were first sourced, it's best to avoid false positives at the risk of introducing (very rare) false negatives that would ultimately be caught by the Apex compiler during deployment.

  • Fixed an issue where the coverage tool window was not shown immediately after running unit tests with code coverage.

  • Added an AST factory for embedded markup outer language elements to eliminate the noisy logged errors introduced in 2020.3.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.