release notes

Post date: Nov 20, 2020 11:11:20 PM

  • Issue 1763 - Two users reported an issue where OST generation seemed to freeze while querying and adapting custom Apex types from the org. This occurred when processing a very large Apex class, in both of these cases specifically MetadataService, because the custom class adapter was using index information to yield high fidelity type names for return types, type parameters, etc. This has now been changed to use the exact type names from the original Apex source which resolves the issue. The resulting OST stub Apex classes are equally valid, but there are two potential changes as a result of this change. First, the names of inner types referenced in the same top-level type are no longer fully-qualified if they weren't qualified in the original source. Second, if the type names in the original source used a different case than the corresponding declaration, that will be conveyed into the OST stub Apex class.

  • Issue 1764 - One of the changes/fixes in could result in a lack of completions for instance variables named exactly the same as a type. This is now fixed.

  • In the process of fixing issue 1764 I found a few other small issues and addressed them. For example, the scope agreement code inspection now properly detects (most) invalid usages of .class and flags them as issues. A quick fix is available to change the variable-based usage to a corresponding type-based usage.

  • Fixed an issue with base/derived relationship detection when a declaration implements/overrides multiple base declarations with slightly different signatures, typically due to slight differences in type parameters. If you are seeing this issue, please rebuild your caches and indices.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.