release notes

Post date: Oct 01, 2020 4:24:0 PM

  • Issue 335 - Apex unit test run configurations now use the Illuminated Cloud icon to differentiate them from other unit test run configuration types, specifically those executed using JUnit.

  • Issue 1352 - Added support for coverage-by-test to the Apex code coverage feature. This allows the user to click on the green gutter annotation that denotes a line of code as covered and select Show Tests Covering Line to display the specific unit tests method(s) which drove that coverage. NOTE: This currently works in JetBrains 2019.3 IDEs but not in released versions of 2020.* IDEs due to an issue which I've filed with JetBrains. JetBrains has stated that it will be addressed in the next release, 2020.3, at which point this feature will work properly in the latest versions of both 2019.* and 2020.*.

  • Issue 1400 - Added support for bidirectional sorting of the Coverage view table contents by both class/trigger name and by coverage percentage.

  • Issue 1617 - Enabled code coverage report generation in all supported IDEs by bundling the JetBrains coverage report jars with Illuminated Cloud (with JetBrains' permission, of course). When a coverage suite is displayed in the Coverage view, you can use Generate Coverage Report to render the coverage details into an HTML-based representation.

  • Issue 1673 - Add a new project creation option, Create 'All Tests' Apex unit test run configuration. This option initially defaults to enabled but retains the setting used during the last project creation. When enabled, the newly-created project includes a project-level run config that is already configured to execute all Apex unit tests in the project against the connection selected for the project when it was created.

  • Issue 1721 - Added full support for the new Apex safe navigation operator that is available now in pre-release orgs and will be available everywhere when Winter '21 is released. This includes parser, syntax highlighter, code formatter, code completion, and static code analysis enhancements for this new operator. Illuminated Cloud will not offer variant completions after an invalid usage of the safe navigation operator. It will flag such usages as invalid and provide a quick fix to change the safe navigation operator to the standard navigation operator. NOTE: Support for this operator is now always available regardless of the state of the target organization. Trying to deploy Apex source code which uses this operator to an organization which is not yet on API v50.0 will result in deployment failures. Once Winter '21 has been released and this feature is GA, it will be supported in Apex source regardless of API version.

  • Implemented a performance optimization for deployment of child metadata in source format projects to non-scratch orgs. When child metadata is deployed in isolation using a package.xml file, the CLI deploys the entire parent metadata object as well. At best this can be inefficient, but it can also result in unexpected/undesired deployment of other child metadata in the same parent object. Illuminated Cloud now automatically deploys via source paths in this situation which is handled properly by the CLI and results in deployment of only the specified child metadata.

  • It's now possible to remove Apex code coverage suites using the coverage suite selection dialog.

  • Added validation logic to the deployment dialog to ensure that a unit test run configuration is chosen when the selected test level is Run Specified Tests. Previously it would degrade to running all local tests in this situation.

  • Removed broken image tags in the embedded Salesforce system API documentation.