release notes

Post date: Sep 17, 2020 5:48:39 PM

  • Issues 1140 and 1413 (partial) - Illuminated Cloud now automatically sets the CLI's default username when an OAuth or scratch org connection is associated with an IC module. For existing projects, IC will inform the user when the CLI's default username is not configured properly or at all and will assist in setting the CLI's default username accordingly. This behavior is enabled by default but can be disabled if desired in Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Salesforce DX by unchecking Automatically set default username.

  • Issue 1693 - Implemented a performance optimization in the LWC HTML editor when referencing custom components.

  • Issue 1702 - Implemented a performance optimization in the build options dialog that could result in a seeming freeze when switching views.

  • Issue 1709 - Fixed an issue with the SOQL Query tool window's row count validation when trying to execute a COUNT query.

  • Issue 1711 (partial) - Updated the definition of NodeSelector to be more accurate.

  • Provided a workaround for Salesforce CLI issue 482 where dev hub orgs are sometimes not reported as such by force:org:list. If you are experiencing this issue, you can now explicitly designate an OAuth connection as a dev hub using Treat as dev hub which and that org will become available for scratch org creation. If the CLI does not report any orgs as dev hubs and none are enabled using this workaround, Illuminated Cloud will now inform the user of the workaround when the user attempts to create a scratch org.

  • Fixed several issues with quick documentation for custom labels.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.