release notes

Post date: Aug 27, 2020 3:28:57 PM

  • Issue 1554 (redux) - It's now possible to configure the Apex source file size above which real-time Apex code inspections become inactive. The default value is still 500K bytes, and the value can be configured to any value between 50K and 2MM bytes. The value is configured directly via the file-level annotation that is added to files above this threshold.

    • Related to this change, a workaround has been implemented for IDEA-249095 which results in multiple file-level annotations being displayed when tabbed editors are used. Until that issue is fixed, Apex source files above the configured threshold will not be displayed in tabbed editors. The associated meta.xml files can still be opened either directly using the Navigate > File... action or from the corresponding Apex source file using the Navigate > Related Symbol... action.

  • Issue 1696 - Made System.StaticResourceCalloutMock and System.MultiStaticResourceCalloutMock properly implement System.HttpCalloutMock. To see the results of this change, the OST must be regenerated.

  • Issue 1697 - Fixed a regression introduced by with autocompletion of Visualforce system component attributes.

  • Illuminated Cloud tabs in the Messages tool window can now be pinned. When pinned, a tab's contents will not be replaced when the associated operation is repeated. This is useful, for example, if a deployment fails with many errors and you'd like to retain the full error list while repeating the same or a subset of the failed deployment. To pin a tab, right-click on the tab header and click Pin Tab.

  • Illuminated Cloud tabs in the Messages tool window now display operation-specific icons.

  • Added an Update now link to the metadata cache status label displayed in the build options dialog and metadata subscription editor. This performs the exact same operation as the corresponding Refresh toolbar buttons, but it provides a more immediate cue to the user as to how the cache can be updated to reflect the latest organization metadata.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.