release notes

Post date: Jun 26, 2020 3:29:34 PM

  • Issue 806 - Fixed all known issues with SOQL TYPEOF clauses. This includes parser support, code completion, cross-relational references, formatting, etc.

  • Issue 1572 - Added project template selection to the Illuminated Cloud SFDX new project wizards. The initial default is Standard, but the last used value is retained across invocations.

  • Issues 1591 and 1612 - When deploy-on-save is disabled, no attempt is now made to reconcile metadata when using the Save All action, nor is metadata deployed on other local filesystem operations such as metadata creation, removal, rename, etc.

  • Issues 1592 and 1609 - Private methods are no longer considered for override relationships unless both the base and derived methods are in the same class file.

  • Issue 1600 - Added support for the Category parameter of the @InvocableMethod annotation.

  • Issue 1608 - Code completions for SObject fields are now offered properly for expressions in collection initializers.

  • Issue 1633 - Fixed an issue with renaming of method formal parameters not being properly reflected in the corresponding ApexDoc @param tags.

  • Issue 1646 - Fixed an issue that could cause bundle content files with the same name to be matched incorrectly on metadata retrieval, specifically for ExperienceBundle metadata.

  • Issue 1649 - Fixed an issue that would cause the Change Method Signature refactoring in other languages not to work properly.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.