release notes

Post date: Jun 18, 2020 4:17:56 PM

  • Issue 1634 - Fixed an issue that could result in a NoClassDefFoundError if the TextMate Bundles plugin is not installed at all.

  • Issue 1642 - Added a Refresh Salesforce CLI Connections action. This is not bound to any key by default, nor is it included in any of the drop-down or context menus. It is available via the action palette and can be bound to any desired key, added to menus, etc., as desired.

  • Raised the stale Salesforce CLI connection cache notification quiet period from five minutes to thirty minutes to reduce the frequency of display. Note that this notification can be disabled entirely if desired by clicking the Don't Show This Again link in the notification itself or by unchecking the respective setting(s) in Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Salesforce DX.

  • When the Salesforce CLI connection list is refreshed by running force:org:list, all Salesforce CLI-based connections used by the current project are now also refreshed immediately by running force:org:display.

  • Prospective fix for an issue observed by a small number of users where the base IDE's integrated Ant features weren't working properly when Illuminated Cloud is installed and enabled (also seems to affect a small number of other third-party plugins).

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.