release notes

Post date: Jun 05, 2020 2:42:26 PM

  • Additional Salesforce CLI-based connection management optimizations - Illuminated Cloud no longer automatically runs force:org:list or force:org:display once it has some cached version of the output of those commands (with two exceptions described below). Instead it notifies the user when the cached version seems to have become stale. It also now uses both file modification timestamps and checksums to determine staleness; previously it used only file modification timestamps. The notification allows the user to refresh the connection information immediately as a background operation, defer the notification for five minutes, or disable the notification altogether. Disabled notifications can be re-enabled in Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Salesforce DX. If disabled, the user will receive no notifications that Salesforce CLI-based connections are stale, but the connection list can always be refreshed explicitly in Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Connections. Illuminated Cloud will execute force:org:list automatically when Salesforce CLI-based connections are added or removed via its connection manager, and it will execute force:org:display automatically when an OAuth access token has expired and must be refreshed.

  • The module configuration notification now displays the Resolve and Ignore actions prominently without requiring the user to expand the notification first.

  • Minor improvement to Apex code folding options to organize them into an Apex sub-category.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.