release notes

Post date: May 20, 2020 2:9:9 PM

  • Issue 1589 - Added support for Tooling API-based deployment of individual LWC bundle files. This is enabled by default and is configured via Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Validation and Deployment > Prefer Tooling API for > Lightning (the same setting used for Tooling API-based Aura deployment). This should generally yield significantly faster individual file deployment times for LWC bundle files.

  • Issue 1597 - Added support for copy/paste handling of Apex string literals. Copied string literal values are automatically unescaped. Pasted string literal values are automatically escaped and, if they are multi-line, are converted into respective string literal concatenations.

  • Issue 1620 - Implemented a fix/workaround for an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException encountered by a few users in the deploy/retrieve/delete dialog.

  • Issue 1625 - Implemented a workaround for a seeming regression in the base IDEs around dynamic file type detection (issue filed here). This regression could cause *.app, *.resource, *.email, etc., files which have dynamic file types to fail to resolve to the correct file types properly.

  • Fixed an issue with display of members of wildcard metadata types in the deploy/retrieve/delete dialog when using Selected metadata subscriptions.

  • Fixed an issue that required the ApexDoc formatter to be enabled for /**Enter to work properly for creation of ApexDoc header comments.

  • Added a Refresh license key status button to the Illuminated Cloud About dialog to allow users to request the latest license status from the licensing servers explicitly.

  • Updated licensing software to the latest version.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.