release notes

Post date: May 13, 2020 3:9:31 PM

  • Metadata subscription management enhancements

    • The visual metadata subscription editor can now be used with Package.xml metadata subscriptions as well as Selected metadata subscriptions. Note that wildcards are now handled a bit differently in the module subscription editor than in the past. Checking a metadata type node attempts to select it as wildcarded. A wildcarded type includes a [*] marker denoting it as such. Wildcarding behavior differs based on the metadata subscription type:

      • In a Selected metadata subscription, any type can be specified as wildcarded and Illuminated Cloud will attempt to keep the members of that metadata type current when the metadata list from the server is updated (see more about the new metadata cache below).

      • In a Package.xml metadata subscription, only metadata types that allow wildcards can be wildcarded. The wildcard is conveyed into the package.xml file. Selection of types which do not allow wildcards will select all current members of the type and create explicit entries for each member in the package.xml file.

    • Improved representation of All/Package metadata subscriptions. All subscriptions now display all metadata as selected in a read-only checkbox tree; Package subscriptions now clear the checkbox tree and clearly state the name of the development package that drives the metadata subscription (unfortunately there's no way to enumerate the contents of a development package via the API).

    • Additional view management controls have been added to the deploy/retrieve/delete dialog and metadata subscription editor toolbars including expand/collapse all, expand selected, and select/unselect all.

    • Checkbox tree state is preserved when switching between views, changing view configuration, etc., in both the deploy/retrieve/delete dialog and the metadata subscription editor. As much as possible, IC attempts to retain the tree expansion state, viewport location, row selections, etc., when configuring these UIs.

    • When Illuminated Cloud modifies a package.xml file, whether via the metadata subscription editor, the Add to Metadata Subscription action, or subscription updates in response to file events, it attempts to preserve existing XML comments as much as possible.

  • Centralized, persistent org metadata definition cache - Org metadata definitions are now cached persistently across sessions, and this cache is used consistently throughout Illuminated Cloud to avoid unnecessary (and sometimes expensive) metadata enumeration. This cache can be explicitly refreshed using the corresponding Refresh toolbar buttons in the deploy/retrieve/delete dialog and the metadata subscription editor. The cache population date is displayed clearly in both of these locations. NOTE: All other persistent org metadata definition caches have been removed and replaced. This includes the skeletal metadata definition information stored as part of a Selected metadata subscription in the .iml file. The next time that a Selected metadata subscription is updated, only the selected items will be included in the .iml file. This makes for a much more compact .iml file that represents exactly the metadata included in the subscription. Similarly, if a subscription type other than Selected is used, the entire Manifest section will be removed from the .iml file.

  • Issue 1593 - Fixed an issue with automatic display of quick documentation on mouse hover--which is enabled by default in 2020.1--so that the IDE doesn't lag when the mouse passes over system types with large bundled offline documentation. Instead only the summary information is displayed on mouse hover, and full documentation can be shown for these types using an explicit invocation of quick documentation.

  • Many other related fixes and improvements.