release notes

Post date: May 06, 2020 5:44:0 PM

  • Issue 1606 - The latest Salesforce CLI update, 48.12.0/1, seems to have introduced a regression that can result in Salesforce DX-based connections to appear to be missing. The underlying cause seems to be an error response from the CLI that should be fixed in the next Salesforce CLI build. This update to Illuminated Cloud ensures that the error response is properly handled and presented to the end user. It also ensures that the response is not cached. It appears that forcing Illuminated Cloud to refresh its connection list via the Refresh toolbar button in Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > About tab generally results in a correct response.

    • If you continue to have this issue after refreshing the connection list or, more importantly, after updating to the next Salesforce CLI build, please visit issue 1606 in the public issue tracker and provide diagnostic information to assist with the resolution of this issue.