release notes

Post date: Apr 17, 2020 4:9:51 PM

  • Issue 709 (redux) - Fixed an issue with ApexDoc created from the first editor column using /**<Enter>.

  • Issue 709 (redux) - Fixed an issue with incorrect alignment of the leading asterisk after typing Enter immediately after the first line of an ApexDoc comment (or any incorrectly aligned line thereafter).

  • Issue 795 - Added quick documentation support for custom label expressions in Apex, Visualforce, and Aura.

  • Issue 1515 - Salesforce DX command-line executions can now be optionally output to the Messages tool window by checking Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Salesforce DX > Log Salesforce DX commands.

  • Issue 1548 - Updated the filter fields in the Log Analyzer and Anonymous Apex tool windows to use the IDE's search text field component. Filters are now applied when the user explicitly types Enter, an existing filter is cleared, or a historical filter is selected.

  • Issue 1578 - Deploy-on-save is now automatically disabled for connections that require confirmation of all write actions.

  • Issue 1580 - Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query execution code intentions are now available in additional contexts:

    • Selections in standard Apex class and trigger source files

    • Apex scratch files

    • If the selection or scratch file contains a single SOQL query, the Open/Execute in SOQL Query code intentions are presented; otherwise the Open/Execute/Debug in Anonymous Apex code intentions are presented.

  • When selections are sent to the Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query tool windows, the new tab includes the original file from which the selection originated and the selection range. Additional executions against the same selection are sent to the existing tab when present.

  • Fixed several LWC HTML braced expression syntax highlighting issues.

  • Increased the number of allowed LWC tabbed editor sub-tabs for supporting HTML/JS/CSS files.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.