release notes

Post date: Feb 28, 2020 2:24:5 PM

  • Issue 975 - Apex class/instance scope agreement enhancements:

    • Apex code completions are now filtered based on class vs. instance scope according to the point of insertion. Instance methods, fields, and properties are not accessible from static/class methods; static/class methods, fields, and properties cannot be referenced via instances.

    • A new real-time Apex code inspection, Scope agreement, verifies proper class/instance scope agreement. Attempts to reference instance declarations from a static/class context and attempts to reference static/class declarations via an instance are marked as errors. A quick fix is available for the latter to convert the instance-based expression into a reference to the static/class declaration's containing type.

    • NOTE: Several minor OST issues were discovered while implementing these features. For the best results, please regenerate the OST to ensure that system declarations have the proper modifiers.

  • Issue 996 - References to inner classes in stack traces should be properly hyperlinked now.

  • Issue 1488 (redux) - Issue 1488 specifically called for better handling of non-bundle files in Aura bundles, specifically TypeScript source files. Now LWC components are handled similarly so that non-HTML/JavaScript/CSS files are opened in their standalone editor tab while HTML/JavaScript/CSS files for the same bundle are opened together in a tabbed editor.

  • Added a new configuration option to the SOQL Query tool window to ignore syntax errors in queries before execution. This option is disabled by default and, if the query syntax appears invalid, the user will be prompted as to whether the query should be executed. This behavior can be disabled by unchecking Validate Query Syntax in the toolbar gear drop-down. This is useful for users who add multiple SOQL queries to the same tab and use selection to designate which query should be executed.

  • Refactoring now works properly in the Anonymous Apex editor. Rename, safe delete, and extract variable are supported in Anonymous Apex; extract constant, extract method, and inline expression are not.

  • Fixed a few remaining issues with ExperienceBundle metadata.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.