release notes

Post date: Feb 20, 2020 3:26:32 PM

  • Issue 1532 - Code coverage is no longer downloaded when a Run With Coverage unit test execution is canceled.

  • Issue 1534 - Annotations are now conveyed into the OST for custom classes for which source code is available, e.g., from installed unlocked no-namespace packages. If a symbol in such a class is annotated as @TestVisible, it is now included in the OST even if it is private visibility. Note that full OST regeneration is required to see the results of this change.

  • Issue 1540 - Added proper support for ExperienceBundle metadata.

  • Fixed an annotation/modifier agreement code inspection issue where methods that are @TestVisible private virtual were being incorrectly identified as not visible to their overrides. I also fixed other aspects of this issue so that the Override Method action now properly includes methods with this signature as override candidates.

  • Code completion is now case-insensitive in Apex, SOQL, SOSL, and Visualforce expressions (FINALLY!). For example, you can now type sys in Apex and be offered System as a completion. Similarly you can type fr in a SOQL query and be offered FROM. Upon accepting a completion, the preferred/canonical form of the accepted completion is inserted.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing deployment status information to be updated on successful completion of a check-only deployment. Now deployment status is only updated on successful completion of a deployment that actually commits changes to the organization.

  • Bulk deployment to a production organization now defaults to a test level of Default instead of Run Local Tests. Note that if the deployment manifest includes Apex classes or triggers, the test level is automatically escalated to Run Local Tests if not already configured as such.

  • Added smart completion of enum constants when an enum type is expected at the point of insertion.

  • Integrated online documentation for metadata creation into the Apex trigger, LWC component, and static resource creation dialogs.

  • Fixed a few issues with improper indexing. If you find your caches/indices to be stale or incorrect, please use the Rebuild Caches and Indices action in the project configuration dialog (Tools>Illuminated Cloud>Configure Project) and allow the project to close and re-open.

  • Other related fixes and improvements.