release notes

Post date: Jan 27, 2020 5:2:47 PM

  • Issue 20 - Implemented smart completion for Apex. Smart completion filters the offered completions based on an expected type at the point of insertion (when an expected type can be inferred). Smart completion is activated using Ctrl+Shift+Space. It is complementary to basic completion and auto-completion and not intended as a complete replacement. Basic completion and auto-completion should be used when no expected data type can be inferred from the current context; smart completion should be used when an expected data type can be inferred, e.g.:

    • Method and constructor arguments including SObject constructor field initializers

    • Constructed types after the new keyword

    • Assignment expressions - Note that when assigning to a picklist field, smart completion offers suggestions for the known picklist field values as string literals

    • Relational expressions

    • Collection initializers

    • DML statement arguments

    • SOQL bind expressions

    • Return values

  • Issue 1509 - The editor tab title for Aura/LWC bundle files is no longer the bundle name. This was hiding details about the specific file through which the bundle tabbed editor was opened, both in the tab title and in the recent files view.

  • Fixed an issue with the Unused Declaration code inspection where parameters of global methods and constructors were not being ignored when configured to ignore globals.

  • Other fixes and improvements.