release notes

Post date: Jan 21, 2020 3:12:25 PM

  • Issue 1223 - Fixed an issue where invalid/unexpected code completions were being offered after integer literals. I also fixed a semi-related issue where identifier name completions were not being offered inside of array index brackets.

  • Issue 1501 - Add a new configuration option to the Unused Declaration code inspection, Check global declarations, to determine whether global declarations should be evaluated as unused or not. This option is enabled by default.

  • Issue 1503 - Fixed support for Bot metadata. There still seems to be one deployment error reporting issue that I will fix once I have a reproducible test case.

  • Issue 1504 - Trial orgs are now treated as non-production orgs, i.e., deployment of Apex source no longer requires unit test execution, and it's possible to use the Tooling API against these orgs.

  • Added support for smart step into in the offline debugger. Use Shift + F7 to choose the method, constructor, property accessor, or trigger into which the debugger should step when on a statement with multiple step-in opportunities.

  • Added support for inline variables in the offline debugger. Variable values are now displayed in the editor beside the point of declaration and for composite values in the variables view.

  • Improved presentation of property accessor names in the offline debugger.