release notes

Post date: Jan 14, 2020 4:6:10 PM

  • Issue 1488 - Files found in Aura bundles which do not correspond to known Aura bundle file types are now opened in their own editor tabs.

  • Issue 1491 - Better reference handling for System.runAs() including a fix for the System.runAs(User) signature in the OST (requires OST regeneration). Note that this does not seem to fix the actual problem reported in 1491, but it does resolve some long-standing issues with how references are added to usages of that mechanism.

  • Issues 1492 and 1496 - Fixed a few issues with the offline debugger when working against a log that contains symbols with custom namespaces.

  • Issue 1494 - Fixed an issue with the offline debugger against polymorphic constructor and method invocations.

  • Issue 1497 - Fixed syntax highlighting for explicit constructor invocations, i.e., super()/this().

  • Added help support to the build options dialog that links to the respective user guide topics for metadata deployment, retrieval, and removal depending on the action by which that dialog was opened.

  • Fixed a recent regression that could result in local child metadata not being properly reflected as such in the build options dialog.

  • Fixed an issue that could result in repeated inner classes in the OST.