release notes

Post date: Dec 06, 2019 3:18:4 PM

  • Issue 821 - I finally broke down and filled in the gaps in the OST around system types that either aren't included in the Tooling API completions resource or are included with untyped properties. The one notable exception is the ConnectApi namespace which was updated as much as possible given the limited documentation available, but many properties still lack type information. Otherwise all properties should now be strongly-typed, and the totally missing DataSource namespace types should now be present and accurate.

    • NOTE: You must regenerate your offline symbol table to pick up these changes.

  • Issue 1481 - Added full support for ApexDoc @see references to members as well as types. Members should work properly for code completion, reference injection, and quick documentation. Note that because @see references only include the method name and not signature, overloaded methods will result in multiple reference injections.

  • Issue 1483 - Any pending native connection changes are now applied before Salesforce DX orgs are created or removed.

  • Issue 1484 - Fixed an issue that could occur if an invalid path is specified for the Salesforce CLI. Now when the executable fails, the user is prompted to choose a valid executable path instead of being bombarded with error messages.

  • Fixed an issue with the connection status bar widget that prevented it from popping up when no project files are open.

  • Some icons have been changed in preparation for JetBrains' 2020.* deprecation/removal cycle.

  • Other fixes and improvements.