release notes

Post date: Oct 18, 2019 1:52:33 PM

  • Issue 1410 - Added support for Territory2Model/Territory2/Territory2Rule as a pseudo-decomposed metadata type.

  • Issue 1438 - Added PartnerCommunity as a valid SFDX feature.

  • Issue 1443 - Build success dates are no longer updated from Compare With Server actions.

  • Issue 1446 - Fixed an issue that could cause entries to be duplicated in the Apex structure view when inherited members are shown.

  • Issue 1447 - Autoscroll-from-source now works properly in the Apex structure view.

  • Issue 1449 - Fixed a layout issue with the build options dialog on lower resolution screens.

  • Issue 1451 - Added missing types from the Auth namespace. This change requires OST regeneration.

  • Issue 1453 - Fixed an issue with scratch org creation when no settings or org preferences are specified and an empty org preferences section is included in the resulting scratch org definition file. In the next build I'll completely remove support for org preferences.

  • Restored TerritoryManagement as a valid SFDX feature.

  • Made System.AccessType an enum instead of a class in the OST. This change requires OST regeneration.