release notes

Post date: Oct 14, 2019 5:3:53 PM - Winter '20 / API v47.0 Update

  • Updated SOAP clients from API v47.0 WSDLs.

  • Updated the internal API version to 47.0.

  • Added 47.0 as an explicitly-selectable API version in the connection manager.

  • Updated all LWC standard components for code completion and validation.

  • Added support for the $MessageChannel Visualforce global variable and lightning:messageChannel Aura component.

  • Added Winter '20 scratch org features for use in the scratch org creation dialog.

  • Updated the Salesforce DX JSON schema files for sfdx-project.json and *-scratch-def.json code completion and validation.

  • Updated the bundled SLDS CSS to 2.10.0.

  • Updated metadata.xsd to v47.0 for code completion and validation in XML metadata files.

  • Updated all bundled API documentation.

  • Incremented the OST version number to prompt users to update their OSTs for Winter '20 changes.

  • Other minor changes and improvements.