release notes

Post date: Oct 08, 2019 4:30:5 PM

  • Issue 876 / Issue 1404 - The user is now prompted when attempting to execute an unconstrained SOQL query (no WHERE or LIMIT clauses) that includes Blob-type fields and/or sub-queries. These types of queries can result in very large result sets that are slow to execute, transfer, and/or process. This behavior is configurable via the new settings drop-down on the SOQL Query toolbar (both enabled by default).

  • Issue 1433 - Fixed an issue with incorrect handling of rollback-on-error when deploying to an organization that does not allow partial saves (typically production organizations).

  • Log Analyzer performance improvements when opening moderate-to-large-sized logs in the tree table view. There is one other optimization that I'm currently investigating and, if it proves worthwhile, will include in another near-term release.

  • Improved progress reporting when loading very large numbers of users and/or Apex classes/triggers for trace flag creation.