release notes

Post date: Sep 27, 2019 5:31:59 PM

  • Issue 702 - Added full first-class support for Wave metadata. Wave metadata is a bit different in that most of the metadata types for Wave share the same metadata type folder, wave. Wave template bundles are also handled similar to Lightning bundles and static resource bundles.

  • Issue 1424 - Fixed a few issues with prompting on deployment of unsubscribed metadata. An issue was introduced in with custom labels when subscribing as CustomLabels vs. CustomLabel. That should be fixed now, and you're also properly prompted when deploying single Aura bundle files and single static resources via the Tooling API.

  • Issue 1428 - Fixed an issue that could occur when clicking the log configuration button with no connection selected. Now a connection must be selected for that action to be enabled.

  • Added the dev hub org ID to the connection details for scratch orgs in the connection manager.

  • A test level is now always specified for deployments via the metadata API, whether using IC's native deployer or force:source:deploy. Deployments to production organizations currently specify RunLocalTests, and all other deployments currently specify NoTestRun.

    • NOTE: Due to a bug in force:source:deploy, test execution status is not properly reported when tests are run during deployment and the --json option is used. I have reported this to Salesforce and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  • Fixed an issue that could occur when resolving a line number from a unit test failure that is outside the range of lines in the associated file.

  • Fixed the annoying log warning about an invalid shortcut key for compare-with-server.

  • Several other fixes and improvements.