release notes

Post date: Sep 20, 2019 3:24:29 PM

  • Issue 1405 - It's now possible to specify that a scratch org should be created as Preview or Previous (relative to the dev hub) during the pre-release window.

  • Issue 1417 - Made the traced entity queries for Apex classes/triggers and users batch properly so that all potential values are available for selection.

  • Issue 1422 - Reverted a change that could result in a runtime error due to an incompatible plugin SDK change for users in 2019.1 or earlier.

  • Fixed a cosmetic issue in the Log Analyzer tree table view when the editor font size is increased.

  • Restored IC1/IC2 plugin conflict detection which had been broken by a recent base IDE change. Now if both the IC1 and IC2 plugins are installed and enabled, the user will be prompted to select which one should remain enabled and IC will make the appropriate plugin configuration changes.